Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dignity wheelchair allows in home care

Dignity Medical Devices first product release is a growing line of wheelchairs that allow the occupants of the chair to toilet throughout the day without the need for bodily transfer. via PRnews.com

The Dignity wheelchair was invented by Greg Johnson, whose mom has MS, and realized the issues she was dealing with. The use of the chair frees up caregivers and allows the person to regain independence and privacy. It will reduce falls as well and allow some people to avoid nursing home care.

The video below shows how the product works. The user remains seated, rolls over a regular toilet, pulls a lever which drops the center of the chair seat, adjusts her clothing and toilets. The chair, unlike a commode, allows use of a bathroom toilet directly. The front footrests and the height of the chair have been adjusted for easy clearance.

The website can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how they'd combine that system with lightweight frames and specialised Roho-type cushions.

Matt Smith

Wheelie Catholic said...

Now that would be dignity - and freedom.