Sunday, July 5, 2009

Glucose testing a la Nintendo DS...and a Didget

BoingBoing reports about the pre-launch page for the Bayer Didget, a device that rewards users for consistent testing. It was invented by a parent who noticed his son would lose his blood glucose meter, but never his Gameboy. The Didget was designed by both of them and is

a blood glucose meter which plugs in to the DS / DS Lite's Slot-2. Consistent glucose testing by the diabetic child (or adult, presumably) is rewarded with points in a game that can be used to buy items or unlock levels. As with the the 'iPlayer' hardware video decoder for the DS which Cory recently posted, the downside is that the new DSi doesn't have a Slot-2.

The gadget provides two modes for users - a basic mode (L1) which requires inserting the test strip in and out and an advanced mode (L2) which includes the basic mode with personalized treatment goals.

I noticed the pre-launch page is UK - based, but that they are building a web community that will be called "Bayer Didget World" and mention late summer to check back. There is also a way to sign up for more information over there if you're interested and/or have a loved one, friend, family member, patient, etc. who might find this gadget motivating - or make treatment a bit less scary.

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