Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Dad's Racing

In this clip from Sesame Street, a little girl talks about her father's wheelchair racing and goes to a race with him. It's one of the first times I've seen a clip about wheelchair sports showing how family members also get involved.


Sophia said...

My daughter thought this was cool. (I did too).

WildKat said...

That sounds really good, but hulu will only let you watch if you are in the US.

I always found that Sesame Street was well ahead of other shows when it came to involving people with disabilities. They had Linda (the deaf woman) in the show when I was a kid and involved so many other people.

Wheelie Catholic said...

Sophia- Glad you both liked it!

WildKat- I agree that Sesame Street was ahead of others :)

Full Tilt said...

Sadly, my generation was stuck with Mr. Greenjeans and Captain Kangaroo, neither of whom did anything that I can recall to discuss or advance the lives of people with disabilities.

I thought this was great for both adults and kids to watch as it provides gtrat potential for discussion and the expansion of horizons for parents and kids alike. This would have been great to see as a disabled kid because kids with disabilities very often don't see many disabled adults and have little idea what their lives as adults can be. Thanks for this posting.

Wheelie Catholic said...

It really is a useful video for many people- yes, for kids with disabilities- definitely.