Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can you accept grace?

When other people extend grace toward you, perhaps unexpectedly, can you accept it? Do you recognize grace for what it is and express gratitude for it? Do you answer the call to extend grace toward others?

At times in my life, I've been overwhelmed by the grace I've seen. There was the time when friends helped me build a ramp and renovated my kitchen. There's the low paid and difficult work my caregiver does for me. It can be humbling to receive rather than give, but what I began to appreciate is that grace is all around us all of the time and that none of us are merely givers or receivers, but capable of being both.

One of the things I've learned was how unaware I was of the grace in my life before my accident. Looking back, I realize that there had always been grace and I was the one who hadn't accepted it. I was under the illusion that I was independent and didn't need anyone. It wasn't until my own personal values changed, as well as my definition of what courage and maturity is, that I was able to embrace the reality of our interdependence on each other as human beings.

Now I realize that the choices I made surrounding grace had consequences because by not seeing the grace in my life, I remained cut off from the underlying truth that all of us play a role in extending God's grace. Sometimes we are recipients and sometimes we are the channels through which it flows. What matters is that we are open to experiencing grace.

Accepting grace, no matter where we are in the circle with our brothers and sisters, can become a way of life, where we are grateful for a beautiful day, the food we eat, and ways in which our interconnectedness enriches all of us spiritually. It is truly a gift from God to be able to set aside the fears and human pride that keeps us from being a part of a much bigger plan.


Troy Wittren said...

Very nice post Wheelie. I know when I am facing my limitations, my impulse is to avoid. Buffet lines are my nightmare. I hate the thought of foisting my limitations onto others. But then, there is blessing to know that other people care and are in this with me.

Blessings Wheelie!

Wheelie Catholic said...

Buffet lines are a real "in your face" limitation for me too. I'm really blessed that on a few occasions friends have helped me through my discomfort with this by joking and making it fun. There are so many things like this that I've had help from others in learning that accepting help can be comfortable and, although a different way to do things, pleasant.

On the other hand, I've learned to avoid people who act as if I'm a burden. It's okay if people are at first uncomfortable, but when they constantly act as if it's an imposition, that's just not healthy for anyone. Sometimes I can't control that, but I sure try.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Ruth, this is a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it.

May your weekend be full of laughter and blessings! :)

Wheelie Catholic said...

Thanks so much. Hope your weekend is wonderful :)