Monday, March 10, 2008

The skinny on college sports scholarships

Last night as I watched the Tennessee Lady Vols win the SEC championship, I wasn't thinking about the statistical chance of any of those players becoming a scholarship student at a top NCAA school in their sport. But maybe I should have been.

This NY Times article I saw today raised my awareness considerably. It's worth a read for any parent whose child may be looking to get an athletic scholarship toward college. It spells out the ins and outs of such a route - and gives down to earth amounts to expect for various sports. Even sports like football and basketball don't offer full tuition amounts. Nor is there anything like a four year scholarship that's guaranteed - the scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis.

College officials say that the best route to getting scholarships is through good academic performance. And some student athletes- and parents - find out, sadly, that their dreams of attending a college and playing on a team are unrealistic when they are offered scholarships of $2000 toward a school that costs so much more than that.

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