Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sister in Appalachia promotes message of inclusion

I was reading this article in Catholic Online about Sr. Beth Davies who has worked for 35 years with people in Appalachia, when I saw these words:

“What the Gospel is saying to us on every issue is that Jesus was never exclusive. Everyone was invited to his table. That’s why he was so railed against by the privileged, because he embraced those on the margins, those who were exploited.”

Click on the link to read her story about working with the people there to address issues in the region.

Sister Beth said she learned early on that “whatever gifts I bring are useful only in collaboration with those that are already here, because we can only be effective when the whole community is working together.”

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Dymphna said...

I sometimes wonder if all the social workers in Appalachia haven't done more harm than good. They've turned a proud people into eternal victims.