Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Madness

So coach Pat Summitt got her 100th NCAA women's basketball tournament win last night, when her Lady Vols beat Purdue resoundingly. That means 100 wins in just tournament play, a feat no other male or female coach has been able to do. Congratulations to her.

Rutgers has advanced in the women's tournament to get to the Sweet Sixteen and will face Connecticut after they beat George Washington. They are the only team that has been able to beat Connecticut this year. If they can pull it off again in the tournament, they would likely face the Lady Vols in the finals - but who knows? The Lady Vols are playing Notre Dame next, who pulled out a double overtime win against Oklahoma.

In any event, there's bound to be fun along the way. Let it not be said that coaches don't have a sense of humor, but I wouldn't try saying you can't do something if you're one of Pat Summitt's players.

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