Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cujo the Cat

No, not really. It's a picture of my cat, Buddy who, it turns out, is camera shy. Who knew? I can't hold a camera and never tried to take his picture. But when we did try, finding good lighting was not an option. 

We had to chase the cat around and wear him out before he permitted this shot.  

What you see in this photo is a long hair tuxedo cat who weighs about twenty odd pounds.   He is black with a white ruff, white boots and a white " milk spot" right by his nose. And a white belly underside that resembles a bunny rabbit.  (Everyone thinks  he's a she -maybe because of the white ruff and all the fluff? Don't know.) But he is all boy  - ruff and tumble.  


blue girl said...

He's so adorable! What a fluff ball he is!

Just so you know, he's got a cousin over at our place. Jack's his name and he's a tuxedo cat, too. A short hair, though. They'd be cute together!

Is your Buddy a scaredy cat? jack totally is. Now I know where that saying comes from. Poor little thing is scared of his own shadow. Definitely *not* a Cujo at all. I worry about his nerves and heart, he's such a little scared thing all the time.

Anyway. Your little guy is too cute for words.

Ruth said...

Thanks -Jack and Buddy would be cute together. Buddy is afraid of big trucks (he first growls, then ducks under the bed) and noises, but never afraid of people! He is SO friendly and affectionate and his cat mother has the same personality. (I got Buddy as a kitten from a friend). However, if he thinks I'm not happy with someone, he will get protective and try to act like a watchdog. Needs a leather jacket though - the fluff gives him away.

I had a calico once who was a scaredy cat - she shook and was so frightened I used to worry about her nerves like you do with Jack. We had a dog with that personality- at the same time- and every time we had a thunderstorm they huddled together shaking. Quite a sight....

blue girl said...

"and every time we had a thunderstorm they huddled together shaking."

Oh no. How sad and sweet all at the same time.

Go see Blue Wren's PIB:

A tuxedo cat must be the *thing* for us bloggers!

Ruth said...

Must be- what a cute picture that is!!!

Sister Suzy said...

The picture looks great! All of Danny's hard work paid off! Now we just have to get Buddy to cooperate more, he photographs beautifully!