Saturday, March 8, 2008

Comments are open

I've caught up enough on my work that I can reopen comments. I'm still busy enough that I'll probably moderate them less frequently than I used to, but this is progress.

Thanks to everyone for your emails and staying in touch while I had them off. I appreciate it. 

Also I'd like to highlight that on my sidebar down a bit I have a box where I share posts from my favorite bloggers.  I update this daily and hope you'll check it out to find new blogs you might enjoy reading.


Meredith Gould said...

Oh thank GOD (and you) that the comments are back on! Heaven forfend anyone should miss my wise and witty observations. ROTFL.

Julie said...

Hello, Ruth, glad you're catching up on things. I've been reading your blog as often as ever. Glad the comments are back on; feeds into my narcissism to be able to see my own words in response to others'. hee, hee.

Ruth said...

Meredith and Julie- I hated having the comments off - and did get emails from people who kept wanting them on, so am really glad I can put them back up! I'm LOL at your comments! thanks.