Friday, March 7, 2008

Child facing euthanasia continues to recover

A girl who was comatose and faced euthanasia after being abused continues to recover. In fact she may testify against her abuser, an adoptive parent. She uses a keyboard and computer to communicate and attends day school at a Catholic hospital where she has been recovering for the past two years.

The article states that the slowness in  court proceedings may be what saved her life.  By the time the court order for euthanasia was obtained, the child was showing signs of improvement and alertness and the order was not enforced. Ironically, the abusive adoptive parent fought to keep her alive. The article speculates that this was to prevent a charge of murder against him. His wife, the adoptive mother, committed suicide.

A new radio program launched by Terri Schiavo's family called America's Lifeline dealing with issues of euthanasia will debut March 15th at 3pm, and will be streamed worldwide on the internet here.