Saturday, February 23, 2008

Untold Stories: Who is Joseph Kelly Sr?

He was a family man and a friend who gave unconditionally.

He died last week after pulling over on a freeway to help a homeless man in a wheelchair who was stuck on a busy median one night. Both were struck - and killed - by a truck.

Joseph Kelly was not unused to doing such things. According to friends and family, he was constantly helping others, there for them.

Handy with tools and things mechanical, Kelly frequently mended or installed items for friends and neighbors.
"Just last year he put three ceiling fans in my house as a favor," said Stango, one of his bosses.
After his marriage broke up, Kelly moved in with Joe Jr. and his son's fiancee in Levittown, where neighbors saw his generous spirit.
John Wright, 50, who lived across Holly Drive, said Kelly once disassembled a neighbor's noisy pool filter "and went on the computer to find out what's wrong with the motor. Sure enough, he figured it out.
"I'd say 'Joe, I can't move this bundle of shingles.' He'd come over and pick them up, even though he's older than me. He would help me do anything."

No, I never met Joseph Kelly, Sr, but I've met people like him in my life. (They're all around - like this young gamer who helped out his year old nephew with a partial liver transplant.)  And when I saw this article, I did what I'd want someone to do for one of those folks - remember their lifetime of giving and celebrate their spiritual generosity.

Now you know who Joseph Kelly Sr. is too.  

[visual description: A photo of Joseph Kelly Sr. is shown. He is smiling and wearing a dark suit with a light blue tie.]