Sunday, February 17, 2008

I sound like Boris Karloff...

...which is making my voice recognition software very unhappy. But it's a great way to get rid of telemarketers.

Sometimes life just keeps giving us lessons on not taking ourselves too seriously. Boris Karloff once said "My wife is a woman of very great taste. That's why she's never seen any of my films."

My brother in law is back in the hospital, after having chest pains Friday evening. Tomorrow he's having tests to see what's going on. Could be just cautionary, might need another stent or bypass surgery. Will have to see.

I called my nephews to talk to them and they asked if I should be talking. "You sound like you're dying," one said.

"No, my voice just sounds like Boris Karloff," I said.

"Who's Boris Karloff?"

"I'll send you a link," I said. "It hurts to talk."

And so it does. So I'll keep this short. Would truly appreciate prayers and positive thoughts for my brother in law, sis and nephews.

Update: The tests showed that my brother in law is fine. No need for more surgeries.