Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Angry people

I deal with some of them in my work. 

On some days listening to them helps. Other days, it seems as if they try to take everyone within distance hostage. Some scream, some get passive aggressive, while others simply lump everyone in the world together, and nothing - absolutely nothing - you do satisfies them at any level.  They become sullen and uncooperative.

Most people  I deal with are not like that. Some folks are very grateful for any help. Many strive to understand the way things work. It's certainly helpful to work with people who do listen to what I say. 

This morning someone just screamed at me, not for anything I did but for what, I suppose, I represent. I'm used to that after twenty odd years of doing what I do. 

I'm always mindful of how it makes me feel to be treated in these ways when I deal with others in the system. It's not pleasant. It's usually not conducive to getting things done either.

Although , of course, if your objective is to feel superior to the person who is trying to help you, I guess it satisfies that need. 

Just something to think about on a Wednesday morning. But, then again, what do I know?