Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Infinity - and beyond

I've been told I'm a dreamer. I think that's it's more accurate to say I'm a believer.

Having faith definitely affects my perspective on life. When I think of the word infinity, I'm not necessarily grappling with a mathematical concept, or a physics definition, or even an Escher painting. I don't refer to it as some religious concept people struggle with.

That's because I believe in it. Man may be mortal, our mortal bodies are temporal, but I believe all of us are also spiritual beings. And it's those spiritual beliefs that zoom me into infinity and beyond.

Of course because I'm dealing day to day with my temporal life, I think of things in those terms. But the fact that I believe in infinity affects the way I live the hours and minutes of my day. Knowing that God's love is infinite is humbling, but it also helps me muster up more patience (sometimes) with my fellow man. Realizing that infinity exists reminds me that I am mortal and helps me put this life into perspective. It also guides me as to what work I wish to do and how to spend my time.

To me, any talents I may have, any assets I may own, and even the time I have are things I hold in stewardship for God. I am accountable for how I use or spend them. Not just taking into account what may be easier now or may make me more successful or powerful now, but in terms of what God's will is, taking into account - well - a perspective that embraces and acknowledges infinity and the infinite.

So as I start a new year, I'm not necessarily thinking about just the year 2008. I don't have a day planner, a monthly planner or an annual planner - I have an infinity planner. And that perspective is one that I can't totally embrace, except by allowing God's will to work in my life.

Which is just fine with me, since therein lies the joy.


Paul said...

I share your large sense of God's will, and think people are often too quick to identify their own views as God's own, especially on the far right.

Ruth said...

Good to see you again. Infinity - a concept that we can't really conceptualize, being human - it really does make for an interesting discussion about what people do in the ways they interpret their views/God's will/worldview.