Saturday, January 12, 2008

HULU and blogging business

For those interested, got the HULU invite.

I just want to get several pieces of blogging business out of the way. Writing this blog (in general) has been a wonderful experience and I want to continue doing it, but there are changes I have to make. One is comments. I had to add comment moderation due to spamming, etc. However it's hard for me to moderate comments -physically - so I've reluctantly decided to take comments off the blog. It's unfortunate that I can't just leave comments up unmoderated but there's so much spam that gets through that it wouldn't be a pleasant reading experience for anyone - and with the subject matter of this blog, I do have to consider appropriateness.

[I've amended this post - due to some friends' help, I've been able to continue posting despite computer issues. Thank you all!]