Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eight random facts about moi ...."the Meme"

oooh I've been tagged - at least twice that I know about - by Disabled Soapbox and Pitt Rehab - thanks guys! This is a fun way to get to know other bloggers - and vice versa. So here goes:

1. I went to college early - actually before I was able to drive. There were just two other early admission students back then in the University and I think the Dean called us the Evil Triplets behind our backs! When we were all put in the same class once, appropriately a Religion and Literature class at Rutgers College (it never happened again!) the English prof used to let us walk her dog in the middle of class to give us (her?) a break. bwa haha

2. My favorite restaurant is an A&W drive through. (If you're unlucky enough never to have been to one, they feature A&W root beer floats, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, chili dogs, health food like that.) Seriously on a date I ask to go there and it's a big hit usually. (Enough left over for a good movie!)

3. My main hobby before I became a quad was music. I played classical and rock and blues guitar, keyboard, drums, a lute, a violin and a harmonica. (Yes, at the same time - I was ABLE bodied LOL). I was in a band and also performed solo for a bit before I decided to go get a career. And I do still sing. Watch out.

4. I like watching women's college basketball and my favorite team is the Lady Vols. Go Pat Summitt!

5.I've been engaged twice and both fiancees passed away before the wedding day. However I figure it couldn't happen three times. Right?

6. I was a camp counselor for two summers for city kids when I was in college. I taught drama and boating. I was either yanking kids off the stage with a hook or pulling them out of the water with a pole all summer. It was great fun.

7. I have no arts and crafts talent although many in my family excel in this. I was banned from the arts and crafts room at camp because my attempts at making projects were so bad the kids thought I was fooling around. (One mobile I made not only fell apart but the pieces fell on the camp director- ouch!- she was not amused. It was my best attempt but I should not have used juice cans.) Yes that was before I was a quad grr...

8. I read science fiction/fantasy and love stories about dragons, elves and - more dragons and elves.

OK now I get to tag eight folks, so here we go:

Dream Mom, Wheelchair Dancer, Growing up with a Disability, Screw Bronze!, Hop Bloody Hop, Jus' Me Blogging, Title Varies Slightly and last but not least Kara's Place to Breathe and Believe.

For those who've been tagged, here are the rules:

1. Let others know who tagged you.

2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.

4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Have fun!


Elizabeth McClung said...

I have finally posted, thanks for the tag. Odd since A&W was the only drive in when I was growing up - did you go when they still came out on roller blades?

Ruth said...

Nope, missed that although that would have been cool!

TVS said...

My random facts are now posted. Thanks, that was fun.
I STRONGLY suggest you read the book of Tobit regarding the fiance situation.

Ruth said...

tvs - great!

I've read Tobit - it happened to Sarah 7x, I believe, before she wed Tobias...

betterolls said...

Seven times?! Don't do it, Ruth - can't you just shack up with someone and avoid the ::whispering:: wedding date thing?

Really liked your story about the mobile falling on the camp director.

Julie said...

So, you're a musician? That's so neat! Oh, I responded on my blog to my tag. :)

Ruth said...

Julie-- cool, was just over there and read it! Had fun doing this meme....