Thursday, July 12, 2007

Disability Blog Carnival #18: aka The Disabled - We're just like YOU!

Over at Retired Waif, the 18th disability blog carnival is up - and she's counting down her labor pains so a baby might be coming soon too. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

She introduces the carnival by writing:

"Based on some of the early posts I received, it seemed something like “normality” or “everyday life” might be a common theme. I was looking at the ways that, dis-ablism or practical issues aside, disability really does integrate itself into one’s everyday world and become part of the simplest, most banal actions. I was contrasting this idea, in my mind, with the common able-bodied assumption that the disability dominates every aspect of one’s life.

And my mother has a bit of a thing for glossy celebrity magazines.

No, bear with me, it’s relevant! You see, most of these magazines feature a section in which they show celebs and quasi-celebs snapped in usually-unflattering poses trying to pay their parking meters or buy a quart of milk, with awed captions about just! how! normal! these people are. I think the most famous of these is US Magazine’s Celebrities–they’re just like us! feature, which captions the paparazzi shots with things like They buy cat litter! They scream at their children in the street! They get tattoos on their butts! and other such… ummmm… universal experiences.

So, that said, this edition of the Disability Blog Carnival is designed to explain the the untutored able-bodied type that there’s nothing abnormal about us… we’re just like them!"

Heck yeah I buy cat litter too...

Go on over and check it out by clicking above.

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