Monday, July 2, 2007

Caught ya!

You've heard of, right? That's the website where they post pictures of cars parked illegally in those spots.

I was just browsing on the site after I googled something and wound up there. And I found this: one person (David) sent in a picture of a restaurant named Grandy's where the handicapped parking spots and entrance ramp were blocked by a big rubber chicken. (Actually it's a big white inflatable chicken, complete with yellow little feet sitting on a blue box as seen in the photo at right]. I linked above so you can read about the communications from the restaurant to David saying they were sorry if it inconvenienced him but they were told there were other parking spots and that the police had been out to "check the chicken" and it was okay to leave it there.

"Check the chicken"? What did they do, run a criminal check on it? Kick it a few times to see if it was anchored down properly in those handicapped spots?

Now I wouldn't believe all of this except I do believe it. Because although I havent (yet) been unable to get into a restaurant because of a big white rubbery chicken, I've run into plenty of other obstacles when I haven't had a camera with me. And it's not fair to call it an "inconvenience " when no access is available at all, no matter what's causing it.

It's illegal.

Definitely check out by clicking above.


Caughtya said...

Thanks for linking to our site :)

Please note, doesn't post photos of people parking illegally. We post photos of cars illegally parked. Important distinction (one could land us in legal mire, the other is perfectly legal)



Ruth said...

I stand humbly corrected, Fred - and changed the language. But here's an interesting question- what are the legal ramifications of a chicken being photographed?