Sunday, July 15, 2007

Australian Christian Woman magazine piece

I received my copy of the July August 2007 Australian Christian Woman magazine, which features an article entitled Tapestry of Disability. Its author, Melinda Tognini, interviewed me for the article and I spoke about spiritual inclusion in churches. Also included in the article are interviews with a 12 year old, Ella Witham, who was born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (which includes a cleft palate, hearing and vision impairments and an intellectual disability) and Tanya Alexander who has an intellectual disability and a hearing impairment.

The article discusses social and attitudinal barriers, some of which originate from the Bible, and how perceptions are changing.

Since the article includes a link to Wheelie Catholic, let me extend a big welcome to readers of the magazine!

[visual description: The cover of the magazine Christian Woman is shown. There is a photo of Australian singer Michelle Tumes on the left. To the right is a list of article covers.]

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