Friday, July 13, 2007

Addiction: A Devil of a Disease

As part of my coverage of addiction issues on this blog, I'd like to point you toward this MSNBC piece written by a female alcoholic who writes:

"I was in Amsterdam, unpacking my clothes in my hotel room, and I could actually feel my liver underneath my rib cage. Feel it from within, and actually feel it with my fingers through my skin. I had been noticing my urine color change for several weeks by this point, but I just kept making excuses for it. It's not really tea-colored ... I lay on the bed, feeling below my ribs with my fingers, saying over and over again in my head, "Oh God, please don't let my liver be enlarged. Please let me be OK. Please don't let me have done this to myself."

She talks about her journey toward recovery and how others helped her find a new life without alcohol.

If you are interested in other information, please check my links and click on the label addiction below.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I'm always looking for information on addiction because I suffer from it. It's still got a stigma so I get support online instead of otherwise and depend on people like you to cover the topic. God bless you for including it in your blog. I hope you know how much help it is to put up information like this for those of us who are feeling as if no one knows what we are going through. I'm Catholic but couldn't imagine going to my church about this because of the gossip. Please remember me in your prayers I have six kids and need to make this work.

Sober Mom

Ruth said...

Sober Mom-

Very glad you stopped by. Please check my links under Catholic resources- there is an organization for alcoholics. I also urge you to consider reaching out locally in some way for help to make your journey easier, perhaps to a 12 step program or support group of your choice. Please remember in the church that there are many others with this disease (it is a disease) including, I might add, some priests! So you will find when you're ready to take the risk that you're not alone.

No matter what our faults or "warts" are, we are part of the body of Christ. Please remember that it is best to focus on how you can use your own experiences to help others rather than be concerned about those who gossip or are busybodies. That's their problem and it often arises out of ignorance.

Stop back - I will definitely look for more addiction materials. I know that there is a free HBO series on addiction on YouTube that you can download without cost and it's quite good.

Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information on HBO. I 'm worried what people will say if I go get support around here but will think about what you said. It's hard to feel good about myself right now.

Sober Mom

Looking to Quit said...

Another good article which looks at whether or not addiction is a disease:

Ruth said...

Thanks for adding that link as a resource!