Saturday, June 23, 2007

Touch screen desktop PC- HP IQ 770

[visual description: A PC is shown. There is a monitor attached to a small rectangular base underneath it. A keyboard is in the forefront and a mouse to the right with a remote to the left.]

HP has come out with a touch screen 19 inch desktop PC that is being touted as a family center entertainment system. It has impressive specs, such as 2 GB RAM, large hahrd drive (320) but a rather surprisingly small processor. So it depends on the use you intend to put it to.

However, I'm putting it up because it may fit the bill for some folks with various disabilities or families with disabled family members due to the touch screen and large size print. I have found touch screens to be a help in certain contexts and large print never hurts. I suggest you read some reviews to see how the large print would affect tasks such as word processing, how the font can be adjusted, etc. for your needs. Speaking of adjusting, you can make height adjustments to the screen but it doesn't swivel, a feature I found lacking in recommending it for certain uses to folks.

It also comes with a large starting price although shopping around can help.

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