Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"St . Anthony around the blogs"

Via Open Book

Above is a wonderful link to blog entries about St. Anthony, one of my favorite saints.

When I was growing up, my grandmother would always tell us to pray to St. Anthony. He is the saint who "seeks what is lost" so if we misplaced anything, my grandmother would pipe up "Pray to St. Anthony!"

But she also encouraged us to pray to him for all kinds of problems. If we had a problem, she'd say "St. Anthony will help you find the solution". If we were having trouble in school with a class, she'd urge us to ask his help because he'd help us find the answers. On one occasion when I was trying to decide whether to break up with a boyfriend, I stopped her in her tracks before she said "Pray to St. Anthony" but then asked her how St. Anthony could help me with that. She meekly replied "St. Anthony will help you find the right person."

All I know is that I grew up with a very special place in my heart for St. Anthony. Today as I face different issues than even last year I find myself turning to him for his very special brand of help and intercession. I've learned over the years that sometimes the answer I seek is simply spiritual peace even when the problem is not immediately solved.

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