Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spiritual Inclusion: The Movie

Got your attention? Good.

I can see the rating now on Rotten Tomatoes: 17 out of 100. The review "This movie tries to push for spiritual inclusion of disabled people in institutions like churches, but is anyone in Hollywood really interested in that? Ben Affleck does a great job as a parish council member who starts a disability ministry but the scenes showing the meetings are really boring." 17 seems to be the score given to movies that go out on a limb.

So for a number of years now I've been working on a book about spiritual inclusion. The truth is there always seems to be advocacy work that needs to be done so the book doesn't quite get finished. The other day a friend of mine pointed me toward a self publishing website and said "I dare you" and added "Think about how you can sell the film rights" and we both laughed.

But the idea of making a film about spiritual inclusion stuck in my mind. It's probably not going to literally happen because of several reasons. But that doesn't stop me from mulling the idea over.

And it makes a great post heading, doesn't it?


goldchair said...

I dare you too. Finish the book.

Anonymous said...

Is this going under the heading of what I did over my summer vacation - or no summer vacation?