Thursday, June 7, 2007

National Library for Blind budget cuts pending before House of Representatives

Over at Planet of the Blind, a post about pending budget cuts (up to half) for this program that provides reading materials for blind and disabled readers.

"The House of Representatives is currently considering an appropriations bill that would, among other things, cut by half the requested funds for the Library of Congress "Talking Books"program for blind and disabled readers. At stake are the funds necessary to move the old fashioned casette tapes of the library to digital playback. This transition is necessary because the old fashioned tape machines that play talking book tapes and which the blind have been using since the late sixties are no longer being manufactured. The Talking Books program which is also known as the National Library Service for the Blind must have the full funding in order to continue providing books to people with disabilities."

Via Planet of the Blind

UPDATE: For contact information, please see the first comment.

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Ingeborg i Trondheim said...

The Legislative Branch Appropriations bill will now be presented to the full Committee on Appropriations on Tuesday, June 12. It is imperative that we flood the offices of Committee members and the office of Subcommittee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz before June 12 to urge them to include the full funding for the digital upgrade and to protect these funds from being shifted within the Library of Congress to meet other needs.

House Committee on Appropriations

Full Committee - June 7, 2007

FL D, Schultz, Rep Debbie Wasserman, 202-225-7931

(alphabetical by state)

AL D, Cramer, Rep Robert E. Bud, Jr., 202-225-4801

AL R, Aderholt, Rep Robert B., 202-225-4876

AR D, Berry, Rep Marion, 202-225-4076

AZ D, Pastor, Rep Ed, 202-225-4065

CA D, Farr, Rep Sam, 202-225-2861

CA D, Honda, Rep Mike, 202-225-2631

CA D, Lee, Rep Barbara, 202-225-2661

CA D, Roybal-Allard, Rep Lucille, 202-225-1766

CA D, Schiff, Rep Adam, 202-225-4176

CA R, Calvert, Rep Ken, 202-225-1986

CA R, Lewis, Rep Jerry, 202-225-5861

CT D, DeLauro, Rep Rosa L., 202-225-3661

FL D, Boyd, Rep F. Allen, 202-225-5235

FL R, Crenshaw, Rep Ander, 202-225-2501

FL R, Weldon, Rep Dave, 202-225-3671

FL R, Young, Rep C. W. Bill, 202-225-5961

GA D, Bishop, Rep Sanford D., Jr., 202-225-3631

GA R, Kingston, Rep Jack, 202-225-5831

IA R, Latham, Rep Tom, 202-225-5476

ID R, Simpson, Rep Mike, 202-225-5531

IL D, Jackson, Rep Jesse L., Jr., 202-225-0773

IL R, Kirk, Rep Mark Steven, 202-225-4835

IL R, LaHood, Rep Ray, 202-225-6201

IN D, Visclosky, Rep Peter J., 202-225-2461

KS R, Tiahrt, Rep Todd, 202-225-6216

KY D, Chandler, Rep Ben, 202-225-4706

KY R, Rogers, Rep Hal, 202-225-4601

LA R, Alexander, Rep Rodney, 202-225-8490

MA D, Olver, Rep John W., 202-225-5335

MD D, Ruppersberger, Rep C. A. Dutch, 202-225-3061

MI D, Kilpatrick, Rep Carolyn Cheeks, 202-225-2261

MI R, Knollenberg, Rep Joe, 202-225-5802

MN D, McCollum, Rep Betty, 202-225-6631

MO R, Emerson, Rep Jo Ann, 202-225-4404

MS R, Wicker, Rep Roger F., 202-225-4306

MT R, Rehberg, Rep Dennis, 202-225-3211

NC D, Price, Rep David E., 202-225-1784

NJ D, Rothman, Rep Steve, 202-225-5061

NJ R, Frelinghuysen, Rep Rodney P., 202-225-5034

NM D, Udall, Rep Tom, 202-225-6190

NY D, Hinchey, Rep Maurice D., 202-225-6335

NY D, Israel, Rep Steve, 202-225-3335

NY D, Lowey, Rep Nita M., 202-225-6506

NY D, Serrano, Rep Jose E., 202-225-4361

NY R, Walsh, Rep James T., 202-225-3701

OH D, Kaptur, Rep Marcy, 202-225-4146

OH D, Ryan, Rep Tim, 202-225-5261

OH R, Hobson, Rep David L., 202-225-4324

OH R, Regula, Rep Ralph, 202-225-3876

PA D, Fattah, Rep Chaka, 202-225-4001

PA D, Murtha, Rep John P., 202-225-2065

PA R, Peterson, Rep John E., 202-225-5121

RI D, Kennedy, Rep Patrick J., 202-225-4911

TN R, Wamp, Rep Zach, 202-225-3271

TX D, Edwards, Rep Chet, 202-225-6105

TX D, Rodriguez, Rep Ciro D., 202-225-4511

TX R, Carter, Rep John R., 202-225-3864

TX R, Culberson, Rep John, 202-225-2571

TX R, Granger, Rep Kay, 202-225-5071

VA D, Moran, Rep Jim, 202-225-4376

VA R, Goode, Rep Virgil H., Jr., 202-225-4711

VA R, Wolf, Rep Frank R., 202-225-5136

WA D, Dicks, Rep Norm, 202-225-5916

WI D, Obey, Rep David R., Chair, 202-225-3365

WV D, Mollohan, Rep Alan B., 202-225-4172