Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Indoor scooter practice

[visual description: A photo of bumper cars in an amusement park.]

I've promised that I will take my indoor scooter practice very slowly until we figure out what kind of adaptations I might need on the controls and I learn how to work them safely.


Of course no one's here except me and the cat. So today I get on the scooter and head toward the hallway and in my head the words "Raceway Park!" are sounding. It's from a radio commercial of a local racetrack near where I grew up. And I know I'm in trouble. There's no way I'm going to be able to take this slowly, much less very slowly.

The cat decides to hide in the bathroom as I practice going forward and backward. I finally figure out the turning radius and as it goes back the scooter makes a beep beep sound. It's so cute. And so red. I'm feeling good. I'm ready for the big time.

I want to race with this thing. This scooter is fun to drive. It's like a go cart. And then I realize - no, it's more like a bumper car.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite rides was the bumper cars. I used to love those because size didn't matter. I could get behind the wheel and bump even bigger people around.

Sometimes it's so cool to be disabled. I now have permission to use a bumper car anywhere!

And here's another new scooter user:

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electroDude said...

When I got my first power chair I felt that way too. It's hard not to be able to get around. So now you're sprung just like Paris!