Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Email response: Finding Pediatric Adaptive Eating Utensils

In response to an email request, I'm posting a link to one place that sells adaptive eating utensils for children. (I chose this site because it offers quite a few other items as well for children with disabilities.) Utensils can be found at the Daily Living category.

I invite readers to leave names of other places in the comments.


Penny L. Richards said...

The "pediatric weighted spoons" at that website look exactly like what my son uses--I'll testify that they're good quality, sturdy, and they worked for him. Using them made a big improvement in his self-feeding skills, and his general interest in meals. If they work for you, buy two, at least, so you're never without, and so the school can have use of one too. Expensive for a spoon, but cheap for a simple, durable, low-tech product that helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Penny. My daughter could use those spoons and it's good to know theyve lasted for someone else.