Sunday, June 24, 2007

The elder care crisis, nursing home abuse and lack of in home care...

..are topics Ken Connor, an attorney who handles nursing home abuse cases, discusses in his article at LifeNews. (Click above)

He writes:

"Because of deliberate short-staffing, many of my clients were left to languish in urine for so long that it dried in brown rings in their beds and in feces for so long that it dried hard to their skin. They often went for days without baths. Despite their repeated cries for help, they were frequently left unattended and their call lights went unanswered.... I've had elderly clients who endured beatings and sexual assaults in their rooms. Some were warehoused in roach infested facilities that had maggots in the mattresses and a urine odor so strong you could smell it from the parking lot....Yet although these kinds of incidents happen regularly in nursing homes across America, few people know about it, and fewer still seem to care. Many simply dismiss the growing problem because they buy into the lie that such suffering is the inevitable consequence of old age and ill health.
...our culture has adopted a "disposable-man" ethic that rates people on a sliding "quality of life" scale to determine whether they are worthy of life. Those who rate poorly on this scale, including the unborn, the handicapped, and the aged, frequently find themselves at significant risk of attacks on their dignity."

Via LifeNews

In addition to educating about the current level of abuse and neglect in some nursing homes, he highlights both the denial of the problems and the fact that as the graying of America continues, we will face a growing crisis since we aren't pursuing alternatives such as inhome care.

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