Friday, June 22, 2007

Anniversary of Olmstead decision

Kay over at The Gimp Parade points out that today is the anniversary of the Olmstead decision and writes about it and the "right to die" in a post you shouldn't miss (click above). She writes about Larry McAfee and his wish to die until advocates helped him set up a life outside of institutions, among other topics.

One of her links is to an article from a member of ADAPT:

"No matter what others or you think about our quality in life; we deserve what we think of life based on qualities decided by those of us who live our lives, in our bodies according to our own situations and circumstance. You may not be able to understand because you do not yet need the assistance of others and that is fine. Those of us who do need the help of others deserve to get that help where we determine and in the way that best enables us to lives of health and happiness.
...On that day when you or a family member needs what we have set up as choice for all, you will praise us and thank God that others have made this determined effort; that many battled when others told us to accept that "that's just the way it is." Hopefully soon you will side with our efforts and come to understand that what we do is for the freedom, in posterity, for every child born American. Perhaps even what we accomplish here will serve as precedent for every other country of the world, and perhaps they will follow in suit to take care the needs of the whole population, and people everywhere will forever be free from life in institutions. Praise God, let it be so."
-Zen Garcia

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