Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Leaman Potental Foundation

Jesse Leaman was still in high school when he sustained an injury to his spinal cord. He went on to study astronomy, earned his bachelors and went on toward his Ph.D.

And he wants to give back. So he formed a foundation to work toward independent housing for people with disabilities- to fill in the gaps caused by lack of services - emphasizing a community approach where people benefit from services and give back in ways they can. Click above to read about his ideas -

And while you're over there, take a look at his Gryphon Shield if you haven't already seen it on Gizmodo. It's a gadget beyond belief designed for use on electric wheelchairs and scooters and personal mobility vehicles of all sorts - including things like rear view mirror, WiFi capabilities, a DVD player - wow! It can also be used to rig up enivonmental controls or monitor vital signs. Sort of like - NASA?

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