Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grief Camp for soldiers' children

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, I'd like to remind everyone to pray for those grieving loved ones and friends lost in the war. Last year a group of families, including children of parents who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, gathered in Washington DC through a program called TAPS to work on their grief in groups.

One teenager, who lost his dad, shared how kids in school sometimes laughed at him when he tried to talk about his dad dying in the war. His grandmother, who lost her son, wonders if people understand her loss and the changes in her life since she has taken in her grandson to raise. A little girl said she wakes up at night alone and thinks of her dad as being asleep on the ceiling above her - so she can be near him. She writes that what's the matter with this situation isn't just that her dad died, but that it was four days after her birthday.

Yet, despite these poignant scenes, a thread of hope, laughter and joy comes out of their shared grief. If you click above, it will take you to the video. Let's pray for these folks as they meet this weekend to help each other heal.

TAPS can be found at http://www.taps.org/

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