Monday, May 28, 2007

Extreme chairing: Where's your sense of adventure?

[visual description: A photo of J2, the only rider in the 2006 trail ride, in his power wheelchair and racing suit.]

I must say I'm a little disappointed. I found the Extreme Chairing website online only to discover that at last year's fundraiser they held an event for power chair users to ride a 45 mile trail over two days - and only one guy, John J2 Mryczko, showed up to do it. In his day job, John is a graphic designer.

C'mon folks - where's your sense of adventure? It's not as if the one guy who showed had the best equipment - his chair was eight years old. It took him several more days to complete it due to chair breakdowns , rain and the like - but it was all about heart.

I've seen folks play tennis in power wheelchairs, hockey in power wheelchairs and I must admit I'm glad to see an event like this - especially when it raises money. Click above to get info about this year's event - in August. Not that far away.

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electroDude said...

I'm up for it. I think they would get more people if they didn't have it so long. Maybe a 20 mile run or so.