Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Upcoming Webinars on Inclusive Faith Support and Ministry

March 29. ARC Webinar

E-LEARNING SERIES REGISTRATION FORM From Rights to Relationships: The Power of Inclusive Spiritual Supports - Thursday March 29, 2012, 2pm- 4pm EST

This webinar will feature Bill Gaventa and Erik Carter, two presenters who will explore three dimensions of this powerful but too frequently untapped source of community inclusion:

1. Spiritual needs and supports: What the research shows? Erik will summarize the growing research in the area of spiritual supports, and highlight arenas in which more research is needed.

2. Working with congregations of all major traditions on inclusive spiritual supports. Bill and Erik will share best practices, from their experience, in supporting clergy and congregations as they begin and move towards inclusive faith supports.

3. Learning to live our values: Strategies and resources to assist service providers in supporting the spiritual needs and choices of the people they support. Bill Gaventa will outline ways for providers and advocates to honor and address spirituality and spiritual supports.

Members of The Arc register through their ARC’s link to the E-Learning Series: http://www.thearc.org/page.aspx?pid=2470

Open to anyone else as well, with a charge: https://fs8.formsite.com/thearcwebinar/form19/secure_index.html. (Note, this is also a fundraiser for a good cause, The Arc, but if the fee is not manageable for clergy, it can be waived by contacting Kate Hull at hull@thearc.org, or 202-534-3707.)

2. May 14. AAIDD Webinar on May 14: Publicity forthcoming. www.aaidd.org. One hour.

Please feel free to contact bill.gaventa@umdnj.edu or 732-235-9304.

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