Monday, February 6, 2012

More on Hospitality - How Cliques Act as a Barrier

Hospitality is one of those topics that applies universally, whether involving disabled or nondisabled people.

Cliques, for example, serve as a barrier to hospitality in churches, clubs and other places. According to this article, there are four ways that happens with cliques:

  • don’t notice church visitors,
  • friendly with each other,
  • don’t care about welcoming outsiders,
  • too busy fellowshipping with themselves.

Outsiders remain outsiders while the energies of members run toward maintaining the clique itself, rather than practicing welcoming behavior, despite the fact that its often contrary to the group's teachings.

Take this a step further and apply it to a disabled visitor who may need accommodations or assistance. If members are so busy fellowshipping with themselves, they never learn what those needs are and certainly can't meet them. This exclusive type of behavior becomes more of a barrier toward inclusion than access issues, which, by the way, don't stop just because your church or organization provides a ramp.


Meredith Gould said...

I'd like to think/believe that social media can help break down these barriers.

Ruth said...

I think it will too.

Evangelism Coach said...

Thanks for sharing my article, as well as this angle about accessibility.