Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reverse inclusion and the question of disability

I ran across an interesting piece about a study done on reverse inclusion vis a vis wheelchair basketball. It spoke about how wheelchair basketball welcomes both able bodied and disabled participants- not unlike wheelchair tennis, which offers up-down doubles play.

Researchers were surprised by the participants' response along the lines of "what's the difference?" when it came to who was perceived as disabled. Some of the able bodied players were seen as disabled and vice versa.

I definitely related to the following, however, as I heal from yet another shoulder/neck injury:

Where difference was noted tended to be about specific areas, such as injury. "If a classifiable athlete injures her shoulder she cannot push her wheelchair, but if the same thing happens to an able-bodied athlete she has options. She can run or walk," says Spencer-Cavaliere. "As one participant said, '… for me it's a huge issue because that means no transfers, no wheeling.'"

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