Sunday, January 15, 2012

Difficult to be Wonder-less

Last night I went out to dinner with my friends from Ski for Light. We were missing Wonder, my friend's guide dog who passed away this year.

It was so strange to sit at a table with four of us, instead of four and a half.

It did not surprise me that my friend and Wonder had originally been greeted at the restaurant with ignorance and refused entrance, but had managed their way in. I had seen this happen to Wonder more than a few times at local businesses.

Too bad, I thought, that we are now wonder-less.

It rained the entire time we ate dinner. I watched a bicyclist speed by under the restaurant awnings, customers in raincoats running inside, and realized half way through I was avoiding looking under the table. Wonder-less.

My friend spoke only a few times about Wonder. She mentioned she did not get into the February guide dog class. Perhaps in the spring, she said hopefully. It is difficult to wait. It is difficult to get around.

Difficult to be wonder-less.

For me perhaps.

For her, nearly impossible.

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