Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day Five without Cushion

So I just called to see where my wheelchair cushion is.

The good news is that I was told it was shipped on March 9, although their web site indicates it still hasn't shipped. Nor do I have a tracking number yet.

The bad news is that I wasn't told the cushion is coming from Tijuana Mexico which means it will take UPS even more days to deliver.

Bottom (and I mean bottom) line is I can expect it at the earliest by March 16 or 17. I was led to believe I would have it at the latest tomorrow or Monday. Of course I asked when to expect this item since I have no cushion to sit on.

I said I would have ordered it elsewhere had I known the time frame.

They apologized.

I still have no cushion to sit on. I can try calling UPS once I get a tracking number. They are tremendously helpful in speeding up medical items.

UPDATE: Got the tracking number. UPS hasn't even received the item yet. A label was made up today. I called back to find out why I was told it was shipped on March 9 and was told they relied on manufacturer's website. I asked to see that information or have access to it. I was told it was being sent. Instead I was emailed a copy of the UPS tracking page indicating that UPS hasn't received the item.

All of this took numerous calls and large chunks of my time today, just to find out what's going on.

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