Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 6 without a cushion

After spending hours of my time calling and writing to folks, my wheelchair cushion has been sent to UPS with an estimated delivery date by the end of the day on March 16.

Meanwhile a friend is mailing me her backup cushion via priority mail. It will be here by Monday. (Thanks Frida. ) Just in case there are any other delays.

Who knew wheelchair cushions could just be put into packages and mailed like that?


Ruth said...

Katja has left a new comment on your post "Day 6 without a cushion":

Good job, Frida! Is that the cushion I sent you? We should have a cushion lending library.

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Posted by Katja to WHEELIE cATHOLIC at 12:39 PM

Ruth said...

Thanks to you too Katja :)

FridaWrites said...

Actually, this one was the one I got for the scooter after trying yours, Katja. I have it as a backup now since I sized the power wc up for leg length and hips.

But actually I could mail that one to you as a permanent backup if you like, Ruth--let me know how you like this one. Katja's is thinner/a bit different but might help if it will sit on the power wc seat--I can try it.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Frida. Will let you know

Katja said...

Ruth - the cushion I sent Frida is a Stimulite classic. I'm not quite remembering the dimensions, either 18x16 or 16x16. When I saw you were cushionless, I was wishing I still had it so that I could offer it to you.

Ruth said...

Thanks so much, Katja. I appreciate it.