Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The cushion is coming! The cushion is coming!

It's out for delivery according to UPS.

It's been 11 days since my air cushion went POOF.

During that time I've had delivered, either as gifts or purchases,

A flash light. Took two days to get here
A tire inflator. Took one day to get here
Clothing Took two days to get here
A mug. Took three days to get here

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, a medical item that is not customized, has a two to three day shipping period imposed on it that applies, according to the seller, prior to UPS being sent the item. At that point the accepted procedure is to ship it via a method that doesn't include weekends and takes three to five additional business days.This was not explained to me when I ordered the item even when I specifically asked when it would arrive. I asked about expedited shipping and for this 2.5 pound item was told that would cost as much as the item. I was not told the item was coming from Mexico either.

So the question becomes why isn't the amount of time they have to ship these items regulated? It seems to me incongruous that a medical necessity takes so much longer than other items. And why isn't a less expensive expedited shipment method available especially for an item that weighs so little? All the items listed above could have been expedited for much less.

Its time to start questioning things. Like accepting that if a company has the word medical in it's name it gets to set it's own rules. Why don't we have other options? We need to keep asking for them and letting folks know there's a market for better service for people with disabilities.


Greg (Accessible Hunter) said...

I am so glad your cushion is finally going to arrive, it must be the luck of the Irish!

Hopefully the cushion works out well, enjoy your day and happy St. Patrick's Day.

Ruth said...

Happy St Patricks day to you too Greg. Very happy to have the cushion.

e said...

I'm glad your cushion arrived! Happy St. Pats to you.

Ruth said...

Thanks so much. Happy St Pats Day to you too