Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes Less Is More

My friend was telling me about her power outage last week. She came home from work, parked her car in the garage, closed the power door and just as she transferred into her wheelchair the power went out.

She was able to go up the ramp into her family room and find her way inside, but there were no lights or heat. She decided to go out to get something to eat once she remembered her microwave wouldn't work, but then realized that she couldn't because the only way she could work the garage door to get her car out was if the electricity was on.

"Ah, that's right," I said. I've never had a garage, much less a garage door opener, so it took me a minute to even think about that. "Bummer."

Timing is everything.

If the power went out earlier, she might have been able to leave her car outside, but would have had to try to transfer on her driveway (which is on a hill), then get inside via a ramp on the back of the house in the dark, I pointed out.

"But", she said, "I would have been able to get something hot to eat instead of being stranded inside. I think I would have preferred that."

As I listened to this, I realized I don't have and probably never will have this issue.

Sometimes less is more.

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