Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SCI PEERS- Video Interviews

SCI-PEERS offers a series of video interviews done by people with spinal cord injuries so those with a spinal cord injury can learn about others living with a spinal cord injury.

There are a number of excellent videos to watch. (I had trouble picking which one to post!) If you have recently acquired a spinal cord injury, I recommend watching Tamara's video called Chat for New Patients.

In the video below, Tamara talks about her car accident, the loss of her boyfriend, her adjustment to her spinal cord injury, going to college, and her ambitions.

via YouTube:

Tamara Mena, who has a T2/T3 spinal cord injury, talks about her life since leaving Mexico at age 13. Her story about her ambitions, her accident, and her relationships are presented. see http://sci-peers.org/peers

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