Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year's Eve Reflection

This year has been a series of lessons in faith for me. I've grappled with both giving - and receiving. In many ways, it's much easier for me, like many, to be the giver rather than the recipient and certainly much easier to be seen as a giver than someone who receives. Those who give are seen as heroes, as rescuers.

But there exists for some a grace about giving - and receiving - that can remind us that many of the miracles of love that happen here on earth can only be realized when we are open to both giving and receiving. It is often our limited human vision - and ego- that prevents us from seeing the worth of the whole, the joy of being a part of what is taking place, no matter whether we give or receive.

I hope this selection from Jars of Clay, some of which I've paraphrased because the clip is only 30 seconds, has meaning for you in some way. I wish everyone a Happy New Year

If you'd like to watch a livestream of Times Square 2010 Happy New Year's Eve, go here.

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