Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another free way to watch TV , news and more...Zinc

Since I'm cable-challenged due to budgetary considerations, I'm still looking for a way to use my TV set without a monthly fee - and I believe I have a lot of company.

Over the holiday weekend, I ran into a new program called Zinc (which can be downloaded here). Like Boxee, it aggregates various sources of TV shows and news, among other things and allows the viewer to watch videos and even add favorites of their own (like local weather) to it.

Zinc ran well and has a very colorful appearance. There were no crashes on my laptop-with-specs-fron-a-few-years-ago, nor did I run into annoying little delays with a swirling ball. As a result, it really did feel as if I was watching TV once I chose my program or movie. By the way, Zinc allows Netflix users with a subscription to view movies. It has a nice interface for that. It also includes Hulu, as well as ABC, NBC, Fox, WB, and many more.

And did I say it's free?

This video will give you an idea of what Zinc is like.

There's apparently also a box to allow viewing in multiple rooms. Or you can just watch on your computer or hook your computer up to your TV set, like I do.


Greg said...

Thanks for posting this, I think this is pretty cool and easy to use.

Wheelie Catholic said...

Thanks, Greg, glad you like it . What I like is that it still hasn't crashed or frozen on me - some of these programs do that quite frequently.

FridaWrites said...

Between this and Hulu, I think we may et rid of cable permanently (we were locked into a plan until recently). Thanks!

Wheelie Catholic said...

There's certainly a lot to watch. Happy New Year!