Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can I have this dance- wheelchair users learn to dance

via YouTube:
A muscular dystrophy patient finds joy with wheelchair dancing at Sharp Grossmont Hospital- while other participants talk about their disabilities and dancing.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

you most certainly can. if I were within geographical range, i'd extend my hand or a chair part, and we'd be off!


Wheelie Catholic said...

aww, thanks WCD. Speaking of dancing, what fun I used to have up at Ski for Light dancing! My fave was our human chain wherein the blind led the sighted- guide dogs in front!

Edward said...

I went to a contra dance here in Morgantown on Saturday....the only wheelchair user in the whole place. For the most part I kept up with the other dancers, but when one of my partners and I had to do a 2-handed swing, I advised her that she would have to provide most of the momentum. :)

I've also square danced with the same group, and with Catholic Alumni Club of Pittsburgh.

Wheelie Catholic said...

I haven't gone square dancing since college- I bet that would be fun. Maybe I'll try it sometime :)

Hope you're enjoying your holiday season.