Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stolen Scooter: Spread the Word

Greg over at Pitt Rehab writes that his friend David, a tireless volunteer, had his scooter stolen Christmas Eve. The loss of the scooter, which will cost approximately $2600 to replace, robs David of his mobility, according to this article. David just wants the scooter back and has offered a reward.

Greg writes:
David is a retired OVR counselor, tireless volunteer and currently a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. His scooter enables him to accomplish so much, without this technology it's very difficult for David to get around. I hope the individuals who stole david's mobility have the courage to return it. David gives so much to the community it's really a shame that someone in the community would rob him....

Please help to get the story out and hopefully get David's scooter returned.


Greg said...

Thanks so much!

sarah said...

Why are people so stupid? The really sad thing is I'm not suprised by this at all. Someone stole my friend's daughter's wheelchair when they were at a park for a birthday party. Maybe someone should start a task force or something.