Friday, May 23, 2008

I see British people...

The Telectroscope, an invention that allows people in London or NY to see each other opened this week. People from either city can talk and visit with each other through the device, which resembles a giant telescope, as seen in this photo.

As the Telegraph notes, it may sound like something out of 1950s science fiction, but it's a real device that people are paying to use to exchange cell phone numbers with their new acquaintances overseas.

Positioned near Tower Bridge, it allows people to watch and wave to their counterparts in New York, who peer through an identical scope near the Brooklyn Bridge, in real time.

It is the invention of Paul St George, a 53-year-old artist based in London Using a broadband internet connection to transmit video images between the two venues, the Telectroscope gives the impression that the cities are connected via a telescope under the Atlantic Ocean. For £1 a go, visitors can wave down the pipe, which is situated outside City Hall, and see New Yorkers waving back. via

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