Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wheelchair user struck by train in NYC

Hat tip to Wheelchair Dancer for this post and story.

Yesterday a 52 year old woman in a power chair was struck by a train after her wheels got stuck on the yellow studded area.

"A woman was struck by a train and seriously injured after the back wheels of her electric wheelchair got stuck on the yellow studded area of a Penn Station subway platform, police said Monday.

The Manhattan woman, 52, who police did not identify, had just gotten off a No. 2 train Sunday evening when she turned around to see why her chair was caught, witnesses told investigators. As the train pulled away, a car struck her head and her chair hit another moving train car, catapulting her from the chair and into a column, police said."
-via amny.com/news

Have you run into a wheelchair pedestrian safety issue? Because we use wheelchairs and others don't, we are the ones who have this information. Sometimes despite the fact that a lot of money is spent, dangerous conditions remain.

Join a group or contact those in charge and relay your concerns. Remember that by making a complaint about a safety issue you've run into or a close call you've had, you might save someone else from harm and a serious accident.

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