Thursday, October 4, 2007

A gentle reminder

I like open discussions and don't delete or moderate comments that disagree with what I'm saying, but....

.... I'd remind readers that, no matter what your opinion, I may delete comments that attack others. I realize some of the issues raised here are highly emotional to folks, but stating your opinion can be done without attacking someone else for what they believe, think or even feel. Please keep in mind that some people don't have the best or even adequate assistive tech to use to enter their comments - so if you could hold comments about spelling, punctuation, etc. that would be much appreciated.

Thanks, as usual , for all your comments. They are much appreciated - as is everyone's point of view.


Mabel said...

Not to mention us seniors who can't see well and might make a mistake.

Ella said...

FWIW I prefer moderated blogs especially if topics on them are about disability. I feel safer leaving comments. Thanks.