Thursday, October 4, 2007

Disabled Riders Coalition

If you live near or plan to visit the NY area, check out this group:

from their website:

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting accessible public transportation throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

We formed in the Fall of 2004 in response to the TA's announced plans to increase fares and close token booths. As politicians were speaking of the impact that such actions would have on the disability community, many in the community felt that an organization needed to be formed to represent the interests of the community from within. Hence the Disabled Riders Coalition was born.

The Coalition attends MTA Board and Committee meetings and testifies on issues pertaining to individuals with disabilities. We meet with advocates, transit officials and politicians to lobby for greater access to New York's public transportation system.

In consultation with disabled riders and advocacy groups take positions on pressing transit issues facing New York's Disability Community. We then advocate those positions through position papers, testimony, press releases and press conferences.

Finally, we serve as a resource to riders with disabilities. We provide disabled riders with updates on subway, bus, ferry and commuter rail accessibility. We also take feedback from disabled riders and relay such feedback to the appropriate officials.

Our new website provides you with the ability to post questions, comments and concerns and to get feedback from Coalition leadership as well as fellow riders."

I posted the other day about a disabled woman who was injured when her chair became stuck and she was struck by a train. In a CBS video, a member of Disabled Riders coalition, Michael Harris, explained (and illustrated with his own chair) how wheelchair castors can get stuck in the gap between the platforms and the subway trains - and how the woman struck the yellow pylons which are situated close to the trains when the train started to move.


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