Friday, September 14, 2007

When Accessibility doesn't always mean hospitality...

this NY Times piece discusses various issues facing diners in wheelchairs in the NY City area - and lists welcoming restaurants with accessible restrooms and helpful employees:

"Anne Davis, the program director for legal services at the New York City chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, said these restaurants have accommodating employees and restrooms that are accessible to wheelchair users.

AQUAVIT 65 East 55th Street, (212) 307-7311.

CAFĂ© BOULUD Surrey Hotel, 20 East 76th Street, (212) 772-2600.

FOUR SEASONS 99 East 52nd Street, (212) 754-9494.

GRAMERCY TAVERN 42 East 20th Street, (212) 477-0777.

MAYA 1191 First Avenue (64th Street), (212) 585-1818.

O’NEALS’ 49 West 64th Street, (212) 787-4663.

SIP SAK 928 Second Avenue (49th Street), (212) 583-1900." Via NY Times

Although the article is very well worth your time to read since it raises many issues - such as where disabled diners are placed, where accessible restrooms (if they are really accessible) are located, how many restaurants' arrangements require other diners to move so you can get through in a wheelchair, etc. - I think includiing this list in the article is a wonderful incentive for other restaurants to try to do - better - to get our business.


Philip. said...

Interesting article as I am hoping to go to NY in the near future.

Ruth said...

Excellent, hope you post about how your trip goes!