Friday, September 14, 2007

Wheels run in the family

So my younger brother emails me last night via his laptop from his motorhome somewhere from the heart of Virginia. He writes something along the lines of gee didn't we have an adventure when I put the refrigerator on propane and we suddenly smelled something and wow there was smoke coming out of the top of the motorhome when we went outside to check and my wife tossed me a fire extinguisher and I put out the flames and oh boy some wires are messed up but it's okay we're not hurt. Oh and it smelled really bad that night sleeping.


And yet my mom has told me that having an accessible van isn't a good thing since those things break. It's a moot point considering what they cost, but at least I wouldn't have to fling a fire extinguisher around.

Is there anything more unnatural than trying to live - in a car? Although out of all the people in the world it doesn't surprise me that my brother attempts it on vacation since as a toddler he used to watch cars go by for hours in front of our house and could name any model by the time he was in kindergarten. He wrote Ford Motor Company when he was in elementary school and recommended an engine design. Forget playing with those little metal cars. He took the car keys and tried to back the family car out of the driveway - at 3 years old. He didn't get very far. Luckily. Although I still wonder if he really did already know how to drive. It wouldn't have surprised me.

And when he got his permit I took him out to supposedly teach him how to drive. It really wasn't necessary. After five minutes I told my mom he should just call and set up his test date ASAP - he was ready. He'd been ready for years.

I've watched him drive (race) sports cars, motorcycles, foreign cars, etc. not to mention jet skis and boats but never pictured him in a motor home. But hey it's on wheels.

And we all know that wheels run in my family.

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